We want to share the healing powers of Brandywood with as many families and children as possible. We support this mission with donations and the hiring out of the property for team building activities and weddings. By sharing...


The Brandywood Mission...

The Brandywood Foundation was established in 2006 with an aspiration to help the public.

Special events are held at Brandywood Ranch for children in group homes and affiliated with the Ronald McDonald House or the Girls and Boys Club.

Special events are also organized throughout the year for military servicemembers and their families. Where meals, games and fun are had by all.

We have three main areas of focus; to benefit children's homes and organizations that help children in need, elder care facilities, and to show appreciation to the US Armed Forces.

The Brandywood foundation offers a unique experience. Children are introduced to horsemanship, fishing, caring for animals, and other outdoor activities.

Our goal is to develop a stress-free environment where senior citizens, children, families and animals can all interact and enjoy a day in the countryside.

Our Facilities

The Brandywood property boasts a sprawling twenty acres that hosts ancient oak and redwood trees, and groves that produce a wide variety of citrus fruits, avocados, and pomegranates. Green meadows and serene walking paths make up its landscape, where patrons can enjoy its various private water features. Children of all ages enjoy catching a fish in its private pond or taking a nap in the hammock near a peaceful waterfall.

Brandywood is equipped with a full kitchen and service facilities that are perfect for any event.

Brandywood is home to horses, cows, chickens, goats, rabbits, peacocks, llamas, exotic birds, dogs and cats; where people of any age can enjoy a personal interaction with livestock and nature.


Brandywood supports its charitable activities with donations and the hiring of the property for team building events and weddings.

Brandywood is an ideal setting for timeless events full of California magic. With its picturesque wine country setting, and relaxed yet refined ambiance, Brandywood is the perfect place for showstopping celebrations.

Business retreats in Brandywood are best known for their natural beauty and inspiring surroundings. Coupled with the peacefulness of the California countryside, retreats provide a refined and relaxed venue for a wide variety of corporate, social, spiritual, and educational retreats.

Located only 8 miles from Temecula, Brandywood is situated in one of the most beautiful valleys in Sothern California. Forested hillsides give way to creeks, and meadows in this lush hidden valley set conveniently between Temecula and Fallbrook.

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